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BOC Edwards contracted Bubble Automation to improve the vacuum pump test facility at their Shoreham plant. The key objectives were removal of occasional system lockups, improvement of the software reliability and better test data statistics and reporting functionality. From the outset Bubble Automation had to provide a solution that not only met all the key objectives but also provide an effective technical support which ran from the initial installation right up to the final acceptance stages. This was necessary because BOC had to maintain their production quotas whilst the improvement work was in progress. BOC Edwards have reported that since the work was completed, there has been a marked improvement in the overall system performance. It has also been stated that as a result of the work carried out there has been an increase in production of up to 40%.


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Allen Bradley SLC504 PLC Programmer UK

Allen Bradley SLC504 PLC Programmers

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Allen Bradley SLC 504 Programmers

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