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Unique Simulation System

For Efficient Pre Site Testing


Bubble Automation has developed a simulation package to help in factory acceptance testing of control systems. In our experience the traditional method is time consuming and not easily transferred to the next project. Varying numbers of lamp and switch boxes are often required to be set up. Our system uses a PC / software approach.


The drawing below shows a control cabinet with a PLC connected to a switch and lamp box. Wiring and labelling of these can take considerable time for something that is only used at the factory testing stage. During the factory test careful attention is required to ensure the switches are operated in the correct order as expected by the PLC program. Another problem is that if any documented test evidence is required it will have to be produced by hand, which is also time-consuming and error-prone.



Bubble Automation SCADA simulator


The next drawing shows Bubble Automation's method of testing a PLC system.


A standard PC with custom designed simulation software represents the external equipment. This will be depicted on the screen as the element the PLC is expected to operate, e.g. a valve, motor, pump or breaker.


Another feature is the addition of an event viewer, this has proven useful when performing the factory acceptance test with our clients. The event viewer keeps track of any event that occurs on the simulation PC, this includes any buttons or elements that are operated and also adds a time/date stamp. There is also a provision to add a comment in the event viewer window to help annotate a test procedure in line with any test documents used on the day, this log can then be printed as evidence of the completed test.



Bubble Automation SCADA simulation



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