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It's congratulations to Bubble for playing their part in expanding Sir Cliff Richards Winery


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The Adega Do Cantor Winery has now more than doubled it's capacity. The Winery situated in the Algarve region of Portugal produces the Vida Nova range of wines and was built to serve three Quintas, Quinta Do Moinho owned by Sir Cliff Richard, Quinta Do Miradouro owned by Nigel & Lesley Birch and Vale Do Sobreiro owned by Max & Michelle Birch. The aim is to produce the best quality wine in the region.

The Winery was designed and project managed by Australian Winery specialists Castle Rock Logistics headed by Mitch Hayhow. The broad brief was to build
a 100 tonne facility with the capacity for expansion to 300 tonnes. Three years after the initial build the expansion to 300 tonnes has now been implemented as demand for the wine has soared.

Bubble Automation were contracted to modify the Siemens S7200 PLC programme and Wonderware Intouch SCADA which were controlling an ASI BUS system. The system essentially monitors and controls the precise temperatures needed to produce fermentation profiles that contribute towards giving the wine its desired characteristics.

During the expansion from 11 to 25 tanks we took the opportunity to go that extra mile and added superior graphics, this brought the look and feel of the SCADA into the 21st century this was in keeping with the fact that this Winery is probably the most advanced in the whole of Portugal. We also incorporated an idea to improve the over temperature warning system.

Mitch Hayhow was suitably impressed with our efforts and is already in discussions about future projects
around the world.

All in all we had a great time working on site in glorious weather with lovely people.

Oh! and as a bonus we were lucky enough to meet and shake the hand of Sir Cliff himself. Everything went
so well we almost thought we were on a summer holiday.



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