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During a large project installation in France for Electrolux Bubble Automation were contacted to provide urgent needed Telemecanique PLC support for the main onsite contractor.

The new installation was for a complete assembly line making washing machines. The plant consisted of numerous build and test sections covering a continuous length of over 130 meters.

Individual components were fitted to sub-frames startingat one end and a completed, tested machine was sent at the other end to the packing department. Bubble Automations considerable experience in the programming of PLC's was key in helping the project complete on time.Owing to problems with the original subcontractor large amounts of programming code still had to be written. Because of the repeatable nature of some of the sections of code Bubble Automation found an effective method in cloning these already written program blocks. This resulted in the rest of the program being completed extremely quickly. Bubble Automation continued to provide support and help until such time as the onsite engineers could complete the project.



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Wonderware Intouch SCADA Programmers

Wonderware Intouch SCADA Programmer

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